Association des propriétaires du lac Gagnon


What is the mission of the APLG ?

To serve as an Association that represents Lac Gagnon property owners to promote their common interests.

Who can become a member of the APLG?

Any property owner at Lac Gagnon, or along the section of the Petite-Nation River accessible from Lac Gagnon.

How to become a member?

For new members, send us a completed membership form along with your annual fee, either by regular mail or by email to tres@aplg.ca

To renew an APLG membership, send us only your annual fee, unless your coordinates or preferences have changed (email, addresses, telephone number etc.)

By regular mail

Send a $20 check, in the name of APLG, and a completed membership form, for new members, to the following address:


Send a completed membership form by clicking here. You can also send an email to tres@aplg.ca., for new members.  We accept all formats.  If you prefer, just include the information in an email.


C.P. 354
Duhamel, QC.
J0V 1G0

Pay your membership fee online via PayPal Canada through the Pay button down there. It is not necessary to be a member of PayPal to make your payment. You can use VISA, MasterCard or AMEX credit cards.  The APLG does not have access to your credit card information.  This information remains with Paypal.

The amount charged will be the amount you select.  You save the cost of mailing your payment.  An electronic receipt will be sent immediately.

Click on the "Pay Now" button to begin the checkout process on the PayPal's website.


Membership form

The form is available by clicking on the following links and can be forwarded either by regular mail  or by email.  Save the Word file to complete it and then either print it, or attach it to an email.  The HTML version can be completed on screen.

Online     PDF    Microsoft Word

Note:  Members who renew their APLG membership no longer have to send us a membership form if their coordinates are the same as last year.  Members who have already supplied us an email address will automatically receive an email when we cash in their payment.  This message will be an acknowledgment and also include the information in our database for this member.  The member will therefore be able to send us by email any correction to this information.  This approach will simplify the renewal process, while allowing us to keep our database up to date. 

We would appreciate that members who have not provided an email address inform us of changes to their coordinates.

General bylaws

Click here to view the latest APLG bylaw